What is Dramaturgy?

The question itself performs and informs the answer. Dramaturgy is the gathering and articulation of questions applied to the creation of form. It’s performed curiosity as observations are explored and applied to content. It’s human behaviour that every engaged person and artist seeking context performs.

How do I define my role as Dramaturg:

Dramaturgy is always evolving and responding to new structures of performance and new modes of collaboration. To locate the specific actions that I perform while also allowing for progressive shifts in performance practices has always been of great import to me.

One thing is certain, whether it's developing workshops that hone the skills of dramaturgs; finding opportunities for applied research in the field of dramaturgy; rehearsal and creation of a new play or dance piece; or jumping into the unknown and seeing how my skills of storytelling and communication apply to social justice work, you will find my a supportive figure in all things dramaturgical.

Taking into account that we all perform dramaturgy, what are the particular manners in which I function as a dramaturg? The answer will always be more complex and much larger than this static screen you’re reading from allows, but I’ll begin my answer with sharing some verbs: focus, stumble, structure, question, cook, move, respond.

At one time, I might perform the function of Ariadne spooling thread through the labyrinth, keeping track of the paths in a maze, at other times I might be daedalus articulating form and asking for my collaborators to make sense of it. It all depends on the project and artists I am working with.


Questions that I will always be interested in:


What is the idea, question, or story we are most curious about; who are we creating performance for; what (if any) is our desired engagement between the production and audience? How is the content we are creating placed in the context of the event we are exploring?